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Mary Fields

Kenya Medical Elective
Elective International has a great program in Kenya, hands down. I wasn’t expecting to get nearly as much work as I did but was in for a shock. A great, life-changing shock. The midwifery program exposed me to so much I wouldn’t have learned if I hadn’t chosen Kenya as an elective destination. I met so many amazing people and got the hands-on experience I know has made me a better midwife. (more…)

Matthew Ta

Kenya Medical Elective
Hey, everyone! My name is Matt – and I’m a medical student from Canada. I was super fortunate to be able to do an elective with the Elective International. I went to Mombasa in Kenya and did my placement at the Coast General Provincial Hospital. I participated in several medical disciplines, such as internal medicine, emergency medicine, and surgery. Day to day, I helped out in taking histories   (more…)

Meera Shah

India Dental Elective
Elective International is an organization which organizes electives, exchange programs and internships abroad. I am currently a 5th-year dental student in Kenya. I went for my electives to India last year, which was organized by Elective International. It was an amazing experience. The experience and skills I brought back home were worth it all. The staff at EL were very cooperative and supportive. And India on a whole is a beautiful country. To anyone who wants to carry out their electives abroad, I would definitely suggest they get Elective International to organize it for them!
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Pam Phonphaisan

I am a sixth-year medical student, and I did my elective at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. I found it an incredible experience, and Kenya is an amazing place to visit. I would recommend Elective International to anyone wanting to visit Africa on elective. I traveled alone to Kenya and was really looked after by everyone involved. I was so pleased with how smoothly everything went. (more…)
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Radha Measuria

Kenya Medical Elective
Jambo my name is Radha and I'm a 4th-year medical student from the UK. I came to Mombasa Kenya to do a 4week elective in Coast Province General Hospital. Let me tell you now, it was the best decision I made! I have learned so much from the doctors and patients and their families alike. Coming from a National Health System, I wanted exposure to a low resource hospital in a developing country where I would be able to gain a vast amount of hands on experience. (more…)

Sara O’Donnell

Queens University, Ireland, Kenya Physiotherapy Elective
I’ve always wanted to work overseas, but until I found out about Elective International I didn’t think I’d get the chance. I was about to enter my final year and you need to do a two-month elective. I was in the library googling and came across this amazing program and thought, oh well, it’s worth a try. And I’m so glad I did. It’s the best experience of my life so far. (more…)

Amy Walker

University of South Florida, Kenya Nursing Elective
I was about to do my fourth year and interested in an elective placement overseas when a friend recommended Elective International. I’d heard the name but didn’t know much about it. So I went online to find out more and got really interested. The good thing about EI is that they got back to me right away. In high school I made friends with an exchange student from Kenya and got really interested in the country. I thought it’d be great to do an elective there and I’m glad I made the choice. (more…)

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